Some Glow Brightly

ebook-cover-kindle-bSome Glow Brightly, my first novel, will be coming out on December 6 with Thistle Bound Press.

It has been a long road from a few years ago when I began scribbling notes on it during one of my overseas flights to actually writing it, then rewriting it, then rewriting it again, and again, to get it to a point where it is finally ready to be published.

Thanks to all you folks who have helped me out, either as beta readers, sounding boards or advice givers. It wouldn’t have happened without all your support and feedback. I’m eternally grateful.

Here is the back cover synopsis as it stands today:
Imperceptible to most, a supernatural dimension–one filled with evil spirits, and worse–operates alongside our own. A barrier protects us from them, but deep in a forest cave the ancient Hermit labors to destroy that barrier. Then there will be nothing to stop the tide of evil from overtaking our world.

After a terrible accident, fourteen year old Red Snyder discovers he has the ability to cross into the spiritual world and finds himself face to face with the evil menace. With his father in danger and the enemy closing in, Red resolves to fight, but he can’t do it alone. An unlikely coalition forms around Red–Tom, an old man who knows about the spirit world; Michael, Red s loyal lifelong best friend; Wendy, the child genius; Chase, a martial arts master turned vigilante; and Esmé, an escaped circus performer–and together they stand as the last best hope of all mankind.

Head over to the book’s website to learn more about the book and if it sounds like something up your alley, you can jump  on over to Amazon and preorder it for Kindle or in paperback. It’ll also be for sale on the book’s site and at Thistle Bound Press’ site as well. You can also learn more about the book and ask questions about it on my Goodreads page.